What we do

Quality services at affordable prices.


We feel your games at our fingertips and create a unique image understandable to Russian players

Language QA

We will play a game and make edits until it is perfect

Voice Localization

Our actors can speak in the voice of a goblin or a biorobot from another planet

24/7 Support

We work to the victorious end, regardless of the time and weather outside the window

Selected Projects

Your games are our games. We will help you to make a super quality product.

Clash of Zombies 2

Demon Slayer Mobile

Naval Age

Legends Rush

Street Heroes

Выживший: Начало

Pirate Story Mobile

Little Empire

Star Fleet

Блицкриг 1941

Bloody Pirate 1+2

Dark Omen


Light of Darkness

Shini Game

Tale of Abyss

Core Team

12+ members in total


Localization Lead

In 2007, I was a translator for one of the first Chinese client games in Russia, "Fengyun". Chinese developers continue to amaze Russian players to this day.


Chief Editor

Perfectionist and grammar nazi, has been working in localization since 2012.


Lead Translator

Each project for me is a fascinating book, reading which, I plunge into new worlds with my heroes and villains.


Lead Translator

Online games - is the whole universe! I am very glad that I manage to combine work and a hobby on one monitor.


Lead Translator

Creates beautiful and unique texts, works in the localization of Chinese games since 2009.

Vyacheslav Ernestovich

Voice localization

I love the variety of voices that I have to voice while working with games!

Contact Us


Moscow, Russia


+7 (915) 436-26-46


Monday - Sunday: 00:00-23:59